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Being faithful to the words of others is the underlying mission in both of my current fields of endeavor: edition and translation (in strictly alphabetical order).
I have always been drawn to words: as a professor of French, during years of teaching Linguistics at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario (both in Argentina) and throughout my academic career, as can be seen in my work trajectory.

In the meantime, I was also translating: I received my diploma in French translation from the Alliance Française, where I later also taught translation; I translated texts at the University to provide students with access to them and finally, from 1987 on I worked with different clients translating in a professional capacity.

Following the edition of a scientific magazine, I gradually entered into the field of editing, specializing in publication projects for both private and institutional clients, for publishers here in Argentina and abroad. The publishing process includes overall product concept, selection of collaborators, overseeing content development, supervising the printing process and delivery of the finished product.

These past thirty-plus years of experience have only consolidated my initial passion, allowing me to further perfect an innate attention to detail and priority handling of deadlines, in combination with first-hand knowledge of each client’s specific needs.